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Admissions in the News

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Admissions professionals representing the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business are often quoted in the media. Below you will find a chronological list of media references which may often have helpful insight into the admissions process at Georgetown.



News Title & Description



Admissions Director Q&A: Shari Hubert of Georgetown's McDonough School of Business - Admissions Director Q&A: McDonough Associate Dean of MBA Admissions Shari Hubert shared that her team has decided to reduce the number of required essays to just one.

07/8/2014 Georgetown McDonough's MBA application deadlines for the 20-14-2015 admissions season are now available online.
06/4/2014 How Elite B-Schools Pump Up Applicant Pools - Applications are rising at many elite U.S. business schools, but the increase may be more of a triumph of marketing than a growing appetite for business degrees. Full-time M.B.A. applications soared more than 20% from last year at several schools, including the University of California at Los Angeles, Georgetown University and University of North Carolina.


How to best use the late spring and summer to prepare for grad school - If you do nothing between receiving your acceptance letter to graduate school and starting the program, you’ll be wildly unprepared. Even if you do the bare minimum in the late spring and summer — that is, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and register for classes — you may not be ready. There’s just too much to do and the months leading up to it is the time to do it. Here's how best to prepare.


Be Unforgettable: Putting the CAPP in Your First Impression - Shari Hubert, Associate Dean, provides tips via video on how to make an unforgettable first impression with admissions and to build your network. 



Georgetown MBA – Scholarships, Entry Criteria & Class Profile - Katelyn Rosa Stephenson, Assistant Dean, shares details of merit & need based scholarships offered to Full-time MBA students, demographic snapshot of the latest class, entry criteria, & defining characteristics of a Georgetown MBA student.

10/11/2013 Demand for MBA Programs Increases - National demand for full-time MBA programs has begun to show signs of recovery for the first time since the beginning of the economic recession in 2009.


Career Services Director Q&A: Doreen Amorosa of Georgetown McDonough - Amorosa has implemented a number of the practices that served her best in the corporate world within McDonough’s MBA Career Center, from flex hiring to support her staff of career advisors to a new program unveiled this summer – a job search workshop to help the partners of incoming McDonough MBA students find jobs.


"Dominate the GMAT" Interview with Georgetown - An interview with Shari Hubert. She shares behind-the-scenes tips on what business school admissions officers are looking for, how the GMAT factors into scholarship possibilities, what you should be doing now to prepare yourself for the admissions process, and more.


Meet The Team: Shari Hubert, McDonough School of Business - Associate Dean of Admissions Shari Hubert tells us what you need to know before applying to Georgetown, what the ideal candidate looks like and what separates their MBA from other top US b-schools


Georgetown MBA Interview with Teri Delgado - This is the latest in an blog series featuring interviews with current MBA students, offering readers a behind-the-scenes look at top MBA programs.


“Set the World on Fire” – Georgetown MBA Admissions Q&A with Shari Hubert - The Georgetown MBA in 3 words: bold, socially relevant, global. Shari shares insight and many great admissions tips. Listen to this podcast for the insider’s scoop on how you can prepare the strongest possible application.


Business Because Q&A with Georgetown Alum Davy Young - Former Georgetown MBA co-founded a cloud-based mobile company and helped launch the infamous Kony 2012 campaign. But he isn’t stopping there!



Shari Hubert on Georgetown as a Consortium Member School - Since joining Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business eight months ago as the Associate Dean for MBA Admissions, Shari Hubert has been a strong champion for her new employer in joining The Consortium. Having accomplished this goal, we spoke to her about what The Consortium partnership means to the school.

07/09/2013 Boost B-School Applications by Attending Diversity Events - Behind most good business school applications is a student who researched the admissions process early – long before letters of recommendation or personal statements were even a thought. Attending diversity events can give minority MBA candidates a window into the admissions process.


Tweet-size MBA essays are on the rise - Admissions officials at top B-schools are increasingly offering alternatives to the traditional application that make those painstaking essays less important.


Georgetown's Jeff Reid on Entrepreneurship - If you dream of entrepreneurship, tune in to a conversation with Jeff Reid, Director of the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative. Listen to the full recording to get the lowdown on the program as well as great info, insights and advice for entrepreneurs. 


GyanOne - Interview with the Georgetown MBA Admissions Team - GyanOne caught up with Shari Hubert, Associate Dean, and Michael Templeman, Director, for the Georgetown McDonough School of Business. Shari and Michael shared their perspectives on the MBA program, admissions, and career opportunities for students.