Executive Master's in Leadership

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business offers a distinctive Executive Master’s in Leadership (EML) Program that is designed for executives aiming to advance their leadership skills and gain a deeper understanding of management strategy.
Our EML program integrates practical management skills and advanced leadership theory throughout a full year of coursework to enable our students to effect change within their organizations. The 12-month program begins in March.
EML students represent a variety of industries and include corporate and non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs, military officers, doctors, and engineers who have accrued an average of 17 years of professional experience.
Distinguished Georgetown faculty create a rich experience to achieve conceptual understanding of leadership purpose and strategies. With a focus on organizational leadership, the EML program analyzes the following interrelated aspects of leadership:
1) Anticipating how the future is likely to unfold;

2) Identifying your organization’s desired position in that future;
3) Implementing steps to place your organization at the forefront; and
4) Influencing others to join you in advancing toward successful outcomes.

To complement coursework, all students participate in three residencies, including one consulting project conducted abroad, most recently in Cape Town, South Africa. Each residency is carefully designed to challenge students to integrate and apply experience and learning in simulated and actual leadership scenarios.

One-on-one coaching also is offered as part of the program and features certified leadership coaches who partner with students to develop and deploy their leadership talents.