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Behavioral Research Laboratory

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The McDonough School of Business (MSB) Behavioral Research Laboratory supports data collection for behavioral research across a number of departments including Marketing, Management, Operations and Ethics professors. 

Researchers utilizing the lab:

Kurt Carlson 
Robin Dillon-Merrill
Deborah Thompson 
Prashant Malaviya 
Cathy Tinsley
Chris Long 
Simon Blanchard
Karthik Easwar 
Marlene Morris-Towns 
Chris Hydock 
Luc Wathieu
Rebecca Hamilton 
Tatiana Dyachenko
Sean Blair
Nataly Lorinkova
Sezer Ulku
Ronald Goodstein

The Lab is run by Assistant Professor of Research Chris Hydock with Kurt Carlson and Robin Dillon-Merrill serving as an advisory board. The Lab significantly improves faculty research output by removing the burdens of time consuming components of research. The Lab also allows researchers to share resources, from hardware and software to ideas. Most importantly, its services support a culture that creates opportunities for inter-disciplinary research projects.  The Lab has been very successful, as measured by the quantity of research, the satisfaction of faculty, and the output of faculty.

The Lab operates a student subject pool and as a virtual lab through the use of wireless connectivity and online research software. In addition to collecting data using online survey software (e.g. Qualtrics), the lab supports data collected via Inquisit and MediaLab. The Graduate Assistants who are funded by grants to faculty affiliated with the lab are available to help with secondary data collection such as web crawling and data coding.

For more information about the MSB Behavior Research Lab, contact Chris Hydock.

Student Subject Pool:
Each semester, students from OPIM 294, Marketing 220, Marketing 221, Marketing 222, and Management 201 participate in the student subject pool. Participation is managed by Sona-Systems (, an online portal that allows students to sign up for studies and track credit. Please contact Chris Hydock  if you do not have a Sona Account.

Other Resources:
In addition to the student subject pool, the lab also facilitates data collection through online panels. The lab also consults with faculty researchers on the use of data collection technologies and is always seeking to adopt the new technologies. To read about research that has been conducted in the lab please visit individual faculty pages or the Georgetown Institute for Consumer Research website. Students and others interested in working with the lab should also contact Assistant Professor of Research Chris Hydock.