Executive Custom Programs has worked with clients around the globe to provide leaders with the knowledge and skills to boost their impact and benefit their organization in a specific and tangible way.

Our Clients

Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business has provided successful executive education programs for a range of companies and organizations.  

Clients range from international energy companies to consumer goods providers; global multinational organizations to media organizations; from industry and trade associations to government agencies and technology firms.  They come to Georgetown for help in achieving specific goals and objectives. Executives gain the approaches, knowledge, tools and greater cohesion as a team to address those specific needs – and provide a return on their organization’s investment.  

Their feedback underscores the impact of our programs: 

•    Booz Allen Hamilton: “This program’s unique foundation in theory and practice provides a full arsenal of change management knowledge and tools to our consultants. Our consultants will be able to choose and apply the most effective change management theories with their practical applications, strategies, and frameworks to best serve the needs of each individual client.”

•    U.S. Chamber of Commerce: “Georgetown's executive education faculty … provides practical solutions to the challenges faced by today's senior executives. I benefited greatly from the focus on strategic thinking.” 

•    Export-Import Bank of the United States: “Well-organized, engaging, and in command of the material, Georgetown’s McDonough faculty provided our group with the knowledge and tools to progress from defining the mission, through developing the measures, to managing the execution.”

•    Nextel Communications: “Georgetown worked closely with Nextel to create a leadership program that was engaging, energizing and had lasting impact on our senior executives. … We were particularly impressed with Georgetown's partnering approach and flexibility in developing a curriculum targeted to achieve mutually agreed upon ROI objectives. Their faculty team invested the time necessary to acquire an in-depth knowledge of our organization and its culture, performance goals, critical issues, and strategy.”