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Client Profile

Abengoa is a global technology company, headquartered in Seville, Spain, that applies innovative solutions for sustainable development in the infrastructure, environment and energy sectors.  A publicly listed firm, Abengoa operates in 70 countries and includes five business groups – solar, bioenergy, environmental services, information technologies and industrial engineering and construction.  Operations include solar and bioenergy plants in the United States.  U.S. President Barak Obama has praised Abengoa for building a 250 net megawatt concentrating solar power plan in Arizona. 

Client Goals
Abengoa has established specific growth and development targets in the North American energy market.   The company regarded project management as key to its continued success, and wished to train its high-potential managers of projects valued up to $10 million (US) to lead larger, more complex projects of $50 million or more.  Since the company was comprised of multiple business units from recently acquired entities, it also wished to establish and carry though a single, consistent approach to project management reflecting leading industry standards.  To meet these goals, the company sought a comprehensive, face-to-face, best-in-class project management program in the United States – one that would also improve participants’ team and individual people-management abilities and general management competence.
Georgetown’s Custom Program for Abengoa
Working with Abnegoa, Georgetown developed a tailored curriculum consistent with Project Management Professional® certification from the Project Management Institute, and aligned with Abnegoa’s strategy.   The curriculum – which is ongoing – includes 10 modules, each featuring lectures that focus on Abengoa’s internal guidelines and their application to program management topics.   Senior executives of Abengoa lecture in several modules to tie classroom learning back to practical application within the company’s culture and approach to project management.  One of the modules takes place at the Abengoa solar power facilities in Arizona.  

Abengoa project managers come away from Georgetown’s custom program with a greater understanding of industry standards and best practices for project management, how those standards integrate with company practices and guidelines, and a common approach to their application so that all projects are managed “the Abengoa way.”   The consistency, uniform application and integration of project management are critical for an enterprise with Abengoa’s global reach across diverse technology sectors.