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Client Profile
NII (formerly Nextel International, Inc.) is one of the world's leading providers of fully integrated mobile communication services for businesses and individual customers in selected Latin American markets.  The company focuses its principal operations in the region's major business centers and related transportation corridors of Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, and Chile.  Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, NII was named one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies in the Washington D.C., region.  NII joined the Fortune 500 in 2010 and has 9 million subscribers served by about 13,000 employees.

Client Goals 
NII is seeking to establish a consistent leadership and performance management model and metrics across its Latin American holdings.  A key objective is to help functional experts interact more effectively with colleagues in other departments and acquire formal management and leadership experience.  The company also hopes to strengthen interpersonal understanding, cohesion and teamwork among executives and managers, as well as retention of high-performing professionals, across its units.   

Georgetown’s Custom Program for NII
Georgetown and NII designed a program for 100 senior and high-potential mid-level managers that addressed four core themes: leading globally, leading the organization strategically, leading individuals and teams, and leading effectively to drive organizational success.  Participants attend one-week sessions every six months over a two-year period.  The program includes projects such as “Personal Leadership Plans” to keep geographically dispersed participants engaged both with program content and with each other throughout the program period.  NII’s chief executive officer and other company speakers address participants to connect program curriculum to real-world challenges facing the company.  The program also includes a strategic “war game” designed for NII to allow participants to apply what they learn from the program to actual opportunities emerging in their markets.

As a holding company with business units and operations across several nations, cultures and markets, NII especially has recognized the value of aligning its executives and managers around a single, consistent leadership and performance management model and the metrics against which their performance will be gauged.  Applying leadership training to actual NII challenges and opportunities helps participants be more effective immediately.  Strengthening interpersonal understanding and cohesion among managers across markets also helps the company to “pull in one direction,” improving overall company efficiency and effectiveness.