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Custom Program Delivery

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Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business delivers one-of-a-kind customized programs for dozens of government, corporate, and nonprofit clients each year. Nearly 70 percent of Executive Education clients are located outside of the United States, while the other 30 percent are designated to diverse national locations, including Georgetown University.

While many custom programs take place on the Georgetown University campus in Washington, D.C., clients’ needs can also require on-site delivery in international locations. Custom programs at Georgetown McDonough are distinguished by the ability of the custom team to leverage extensive overseas networks and deliver quality programs in challenging environments.

No matter where the delivery location may be, each custom program has a dedicated program manager to coordinate logistics throughout the duration, answer questions and concerns, respond to emergencies, serve as an on-site point-of-contact, and facilitate coursework and special events. Many of our program managers speak multiple languages and are adept at the intricacies of international travel.

Since custom programs often cater to international audiences, in-depth research of program locations, local customs, health advisories, and safety precautions are vital to travel preparation for each program. Venues are intrinsically selected with high regard for comfort, safety, convenience, accessibility, and facility learning space. Additionally, the local culture of each site is explored to assess sensitivity to traditions, activities, and food options.

"In addition to researching the cultural sensitivities of our international program locations, we find it important to do the same when delivering a program here on the Georgetown campus in Washington, D.C. When a group of senior government officials from Abu Dhabi came to campus for a one-week program, we transformed a small meeting room into a prayer room and were sure to mark the direction of Mecca so that the participants could do their daily prayers."

— Patrick Sell, Associate Director of Program Management

Throughout the program, participants collaborate and learn through a variety of delivery approaches, including seminars, relevant case studies, discussions, simulations, and application exercises. To allow for learning success, participants are accommodated with language materials such as document translation and interpretation. The program also consists of off-site field visits to local and international businesses, organizations, and international institutions.

"From the catering we select to the extensive language accommodation we make for each delivery, our program management team prides itself on our ability to deliver high-quality programs across the globe. We want all our clientele — whether they've traveled to an unfamiliar country or are close to home — to be comfortable and able to maximize their custom program experience."

— Imke Baumann, Assistant Director of Program Management

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“As a program manager, the participant experience is of utmost importance to me. If the program ends with participants smiling, having gained new perspectives, networks, and tools to use in their careers, then I consider it a great success — a transformative experience, both personally and professionally.”

- Sarah Tillotson, Assistant Director of Program Management