A diverse student body is integral to developing the university’s global mindset, and Georgetown encourages students from across the world to join the community of scholars and professionals at the McDonough School of Business. 28 percent of our students hold citizenship outside the United States, representing 51 different countries. In addition, 62 percent of our MBA Full-Time students speak more than one language, and 81 percent have lived, studied, or worked abroad.

At the school, international students are members of student organizations including the Middle East Graduate Alliance, the Asia Business Consortium, the European Business Association, the Japan Club, the Hispanic and Latin American Student Association, and the South Asian Business Alliance. International student organizations host cultural events and activities, organize trips and outings, and lead initiatives to explore global career opportunities in international markets. For example, students organize international career treks to locations such as Hong Kong, Madrid, and London for professional networking and informational interview purposes.

Students also are encouraged to share the cultures of their home countries with classmates in the MBA program both informally and through organized events. International Festival is an annual event where students gather to share the cuisine, dress, culture, and customs from their home countries with the rest of the MBA community. This family-friendly event often includes dance and cultural demonstrations and boasts attendance of more than 300 MBA students and family members each year.

As part of our commitment to your academic success, Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business provides a variety of resources to assist international students throughout their time in the MBA program. These resources and workshops include:

  • An optional three-week, pre-term course, Communication Tools for Success, which teaches practical techniques and effective strategies for reading, writing, and presenting business concepts both in the classroom and in professional settings.
  • A two-day International Student Orientation designed specifically to address the needs and concerns of international students when starting the MBA program.
  • A course in cross-cultural business practices designed to enhance internship experiences that take place in a location outside one’s home country.
  • Workshops with immigration attorneys and employment authorization experts to help students understand the regulations and paperwork around working in the United States.
  • A dedicated representative on the Student Government Association, the vice president international, whose responsibilities include advocating for the international student population.
  • Dedicated advisors in both the MBA Student Services Office and the Office of International Programs to guide international students in both academic and cultural scenarios.

Recent Speakers at the McDonough School of Business
Jose Maria Aznar, Former President of Spain
Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group
Juan Jose Daboub, The World Bank
Mariano de Beer, CEO Telefonica Brazil
Vicente Fox, Former President of Mexico
Abdul Kalam, Former President of India
Sanjay Khosla, EVP and President, International for Kraft Foods
Aleksander Kwasniewski, Former President of Poland
Anne-Marie Palsson, Parliament of Sweeden
Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank