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EML Capstone Showcases Outstanding Papers

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On Saturday, February 15, the Executive Master’s in Leadership (EML) Program held its annual Showcase of Outstanding Masters Papers. Out of 31 projects, the top four papers were selected to be presented to staff, students, and alumni at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business. We congratulate the following students on their exceptional work:

Brigette Bethea, ULEAD: Building, Bridging, Transforming
Mentor: Thomas Hajduk
Reader: Richard America

Kelley Jessee, The Three Dimensions of Technical Leadership
Mentor: Robin Dillon-Merrill
Reader: Douglas McCabe

Deborah King, An Entrepreneurial Transition: Planning for Operational Succession
Mentor: William Novelli
Reader: Ralph Willis

Mark Ryan, Ryan Media Lab: Digital Media Innovation
Mentor: Ralph Willis
Reader: Jim Hunt

Brigette Bethea’s presentation was voted the most outstanding presentation by a panel of faculty members.