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Financial Times Ranks Executive Custom Programs #11 in the U.S., #34 in the World

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In its inaugural ranking by the Financial Times, the Executive Education Customized Programs at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business ranked #11 in the United States and #34 in the world. The ranking measures clients’ perceptions of the quality and delivery of the program, as well as the internationality of the overall program through a survey of each business school.

Overall, the Georgetown McDonough program was ranked #5 in the world for international clients, #11 for partnering with other top schools, #16 for overseas delivery, and #18 for the number of clients who say they would use the program again in the future.

Additionally, Georgetown McDonough was listed #2 among U.S. programs for international clients and for partner schools, #3 for overseas programs, #4 for faculty diversity, #5 for future use by clients, #7 for follow-up with clients, and #10 for having international participants.

To see the full ranking, visit the Financial Times web site: