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MBA Admissions on Worldwide Search for Top Talent

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This summer, the MBA admissions team of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business began traveling around the world — making 27 trips and visiting 16 cities, 12 countries, and five continents — to recruit top MBA students and help the Georgetown community enhance its global perspective.

The importance of diversity is shown by the 39 countries that were represented in this year’s incoming full-time MBA class and 16 countries represented in our Evening Program MBA class. The MBA admissions team believes it is important to recruit students from numerous countries to enhance the school’s learning environment.

“Our international students bring a perspective on the challenges and opportunities faced by aspiring managers and leaders from around the world that is invaluable to the classroom dynamic and overall community at Georgetown McDonough,” said Shari Hubert, associate dean of MBA admissions.

In July, the MBA admissions team was represented in:

  • Tokyo, Japan, for an MBA alumni fair staffed by Yuichiro Sugiyama (MBA ’13); and
  • Hong Kong, China, for a networking reception with prospects, alumni, and current students on their Global Business Experience.

In August, the team will make its way to:

  • Bogota, Colombia, for an MBA fair;
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil, for an MBA tour and networking reception;
  • Monterrey, Mexico, for an MBA fair and networking reception.

During the month of September, the MBA admissions staff will attend MBA tours in:

  • Beijing and Shanghai, China;
  • Bangalore and New Delhi, India;
  • Tokyo, Japan;
  • Seoul, South Korea;
  • Taipei, Taiwan; and
  • Toronto, Canada, for a Forte women’s MBA fair

During the month of October, the admissions team will be attending the following events:

  • Dubai, UAE, for an MBA tour;
  • London, England, for a Forte women’s MBA fair; and
  • Doha, Qatar, for an MBA tour.


After the team has recruited students and reviewed their applications, they choose a select group to hold interviews with. This allows the admissions staff to learn more about the potential students on a personal level rather than judging them on their applications and GMAT/GRE scores alone. 

Throughout the month of October, the team will hold interviews in:

  • Beijing and Shanghai, China;
  • London, England, for a Forte women’s MBA fair;
  • New Delhi and Mumbai, India;
  • Seoul, South Korea; and
  • Doha, Qatar, for an MBA tour;
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • Dubai, UAE, for an MBA tour.

Finally, in November the admissions team, will hold admissions interviews in:

  • Beijing and Shanghai, China; and
  • Mumbai and New Delhi, India.

As the MBA admissions team travels across the world, they hope to find the brightest students to join the MBA program beginning in 2015.

- Nicole Hopler