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MBA Student Perseveres After Tanzanian Bombing

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When a bomb exploded at a Tanzanian church on May 5, it killed three people and injured 60 others. It also rocked the foundation of the community’s primary school, just next door, and left MBA Evening Program student Brendan Callahan shaken.

Callahan has been committed to improving the lives of the people in the village of Olasiti through his nonprofit organization, Achieve in Africa, since 2009. During that time, Achieve in Africa has rebuilt and renovated primary school classrooms and donated school supplies, and currently is constricting the community’s first secondary school.

Callahan said that he joins the people of Olasiti in mourning the loss of life, but that the tragedy also leaves him more determined to his mission of harnessing the power of education to alleviate poverty, hunger, and the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

“I’d like to show that rather than take a step back, this act makes our team more determined to provide this village its first secondary school to promote peace and acceptance for all children learning together,” he said.

Callahan, who will graduate this week, underscored the importance of using education to make a difference in the world. “While we can apply what we have learned in the classroom at Georgetown to our careers, I also believe we can make an impact on worthwhile causes,” he said.

“It is important that we all find something we believe in and use the skills we’ve acquired to help others.”

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