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Undergraduate Business Students Receive Research Funding

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This summer, the Undergraduate Research Fellow Awards will provide $87,500 for 19 McDonough School of Business undergraduates to conduct research with faculty on topics ranging from “Anomalies in the Corporate Bond Market” to “Women and Men Lead Differently: Myths and Realities.”

Students who receive the Undergraduate Research Fellow Awards are recruited by the Undergraduate Program Office, which raises the funding for the grants. Students will be required to prepare a poster for the McDonough Undergraduate Research Symposium in the fall, as well as to participate in a campus-wide undergraduate research conference in the spring.

Below is a roster of the student awardees, faculty mentors, and their corresponding research projects:

Student Faculty Mentor Research Project
Courtlyn Cook Michael Czinkota Foreign Aid Versus Corruption In Latin America
Tricia Correia Marlene Morris Towns Service Involvement
Rahul Desai Betsy Sigman Disruptive Innovation: Using Data to Predict Startup Success
Joshua Fontenot Jennie Bai Bond IPO
Jolie Huynh Robert Davidson Are Good Private Citizens Good Corporate Citizens?
Ayten Huseyin Robert Cumby The Regulation of State Economy Enterprises in Turkey
Beom Jun Kim Robin L. Dillon-Merrill Individual Perceptions of Extreme Weather Risks, Near Misses, and Community Resilience and Health
Anuar Khvan-Beisewow Jennie Bai Anomalies in the Corporate Bond Market
Vladyslav Kondratiuk Michael Czinkota Is the Cold War Really Over?
Erika Lim Nathan Miller Antitrust Law and Divestures
Alice Lu Michael Czinkota The Effect of Chinas Rising Consumer Class on Chinese Wine Imports
Michael Loftus Michael Boyer O'Leary  
Matthew Murphy Jie Yang The Discount Rate and Inferences on Financial Strategy
Charles Patterson Jennie Bai Quantifying and Managing Liquidity Risk
Andres Rengifo Jennie Bai Analyzing Federal Reserve Policy and the Currency of Emerging Markets
Fergal Seiferth Jennie Bai Institutional Investors and the Corporate Bond Market
Kevin Tian Jie Yang The Return of the Dot-Come Bubble: Looking at Technology Valuations in the Financial Markets
Meagan Wang Catherine Tinsley Women and Men lead Differently: Myths and Realities
JiaYi Xiao Michael Czinkota The Development of Community Sports in China and its Economic Impact