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Finance Faculty in the News

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business’s distinguished faculty members regularly provide thought leadership through various media outlets. They share research insights and commentary on business news.

  • Uber IPO Prospects May be Helped by Resignation of CEO Travis Kalanick

    While operating without most of an executive team seems frightening, Uber now has a chance to build a completely new, and likely more experienced, senior management group, which should signal to Wall Street that the company is taking itself more seriously, said Reena Aggarwal, professor at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business. “It will be putting some of these troubles of Uber in the past and moving forward,” Aggarwal said.


  • A Push on Capitol Hill to Bring Medical Volunteers Across State Lines

    Duncan is trying to eliminate regulations that prevent the practice. Georgetown University professor James Angel reminds us getting rid of these regulations will have to be done locally. “Everything is regulated at the state level. And if you want to cross state lines you have a lot of paperwork issues to be able to deliver care across state lines,” said Angel.


  • The Favorite Professors of Top MBAs

    “Professor Lee Pinkowitz, who taught our core finance class. I struggled a great deal with the concepts in finance, but Professor Pinkowitz was always very patient with me during his office hours and tutoring sessions. He was so invested. He wanted me to not only do well, but to come away with a genuine foundation of finance at the MBA level.”


  • Learning Is a Key Component in Increasing Confidence

    A post by Cathy Tinsley, professor of management: “This mission perfectly aligns with the Kate Spade & Company on purpose business model and initiative fellow Georgetown University McDonough School of Business colleagues, Ed Soule, Pietra Rivoli and I studied over a span of nearly two years. We recently issued our findings and are sharing this important story of how business can be a force for transforming the lives of some precariously vulnerable, yet amazingly resilient individuals.”


  • U.S. Business Schools Embrace 'Fintech' as Students Clamor for Courses

    "Ten years ago everyone wanted to go into investment banking or in the trading side," said Reena Aggarwal, Director of the Georgetown Center for Financial Markets and Policy. "Now the students are much more interested in innovation."


  • Jared Kushner’s Other Real Estate Empire

    When I presented JK2 Westminster’s record of litigation to Matthew Cypher, a Georgetown University business professor who used to work for the real estate giant Invesco, he said it was highly unusual to put so much effort into pursuing former tenants in court. “These people fade into the shadows of the night,” he said. “It’s amazing to me that there’s that much to go after.”


  • Trump Likes to Talk About Steel and Manufactured Goods. America’s Better Trade Hope May Lie in Exported Services

    An op-ed by Jim Angel, associate professor of finance: “As the Republicans consider financial reform, they appear to be making the same mistake the Democrats did with the original Dodd-Frank legislation in 2010. Rather than work with the Republicans to craft well-designed reforms, the Democrats hastily crammed through legislation that contained several serious flaws along with some much-needed fixes.”


  • 4 Tips For Happiness And Prosperity Following Graduation

    An op-ed by Allan Eberhart, professor of finance and the founding director of the Master of Science in Finance program: “If you’re one of the millions—yes, millions—of students graduating from a U.S. college or university this year, however, graduation is the beginning of your new life, one free of regular exams and course assignments. So, congratulations and enjoy your celebration activities. And after you’ve patted yourself on the back enough times, please consider the following post-graduation tips.”