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Full-time & Evening MBA in the News

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business’s distinguished faculty members regularly provide thought leadership through various media outlets. They share research insights and commentary on business news.

  • The MBA Gatekeeper At McDonough

    When going through the application process for a top business school, it’s a good idea to avoid annoying those who are making the ultimate decisions. It’s best not to spam the entire dean’s suite during a holiday break asking for an admissions response. And it’s advisable to avoid stalking the LinkedIn accounts of 50 alums from your top school and demanding the head of admissions put you in contact with each one. Indeed, applicants to Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business have committed these transgressions – and both received a ding, according to Shari Hubert, associate dean of MBA admissions. What Hubert does recommend is deep reflection on your personal strengths and weaknesses, and working those to your advantage. And if you’re applying to McDonough (or any other B-school) it’s a good idea to show respect toward the staff and the process.


  • 6 Things to Know Before Applying for a MBA

    We are thrilled to feature advice from Shelly Taylor Heinrich, Director of MBA Admissions at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.


  • Georgetown McDonough’s Shari Hubert Points to Subtle Changes in New Application

    Refreshed following a two-day staff retreat, the head of admissions at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business took time this morning to share with Clear Admit her advice to prospective candidates on how to approach the school’s application for the Class of 2018.


  • Three Reasons to Consider Location When Choosing a Business School

    Shelly Heinrich, director of MBA Admissions at Georgetown McDonough, shares how the location of a business school can affect a student’s access, experience, and quality of life.


  • Admissions Q&A: Georgetown McDonough School of Business

    The full-time MBA class of 2016 at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business in Washington DC consists of 270 students. Among them, roughly three quarters hold either international work or academic experience and just over 40% hail from outside the US – with a total of 39 countries represented, from the very large (Brazil and China) to the very small (Saint Kitts and Nevis). These admitted students for a school ranked in this year’s top 30 for North America (and top 25 within the US) clocked in an average GMAT score of 691 and held a (mean) average of just under five years of prior work experience.


  • In the Spotlight: Shari Hubert

    Each month we'll be featuring a different school professional for you to get to know. "In the Spotlight" lets you go beyond what users of GMAC tools and services do in their day jobs and learn what makes them tick, what keeps them up at night, and what interests them outside of graduate management education. This month, say "hello" to Shari Hubert, Associate Dean of MBA Admissions, McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University.


  • Can Hill Staffers Be Successful MBA Applicants?

    Shari Hubert, associate dean of MBA admissions at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, cited Hill staffers as having “valuable work experience” that contribute to Georgetown’s program. In an email to CQ Roll Call, Hubert explained that of Georgetown’s current class of first-year full-time MBAs (Class of 2016), 18 percent of students came from either government, nonprofit or social impact industries; in Georgetown’s first-year Evening MBA Program (Class of 2017), 36 percent came from government, defense, nonprofit or social impact industries.