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Management Faculty in the News

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business’s distinguished faculty members regularly provide thought leadership through various media outlets. They share research insights and commentary on business news.

  • Tupperware's CEO on Why His Company is Joining UN HeForShe to Fight for Gender Equality

    Heading up the research is Catherine Tinsley, a professor of management at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and executive director of the school’s Women’s Leadership Initiative. “There’s no doubt that people believe in the importance of gender diversity and companies are trying, really throwing money at it,” Tinsley says. “Yet, change still comes in trickles.”


  • Why Businesses Have a Hard Time Fixing What's Broken

    Reinvention always meets resistance. From pivots to process changes, it's tough to have a perfectly smooth transition. In a New York Times article titled "Why You Hate Work," Tony Schwartz and Christine Porath explore why most people hate their jobs. Through surveys partnered with Harvard Business Review and reports by Gallup, they discovered what employees truly desire in the workplace.


  • How to Negotiate Non-Salary Benefits and Job Perks

    When you’re meeting with your potential employers, have a clear sense of your priorities and lay them on the table with confidence. “When you are in the moment, I often advise them to negotiate on behalf of somebody else, not just yourself,” says Cathy Tinsley, a professor of management at the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. “Especially for women who often undervalue themselves. If you imagine it’s for someone else, you would be polite and professional, but you would be firm.”


  • How Lori Malcolm Built the HR Department of Checkers — Starting with One Crucial Step

    Brooks Holtom, associate professor of management at Georgetown University, said that HR executives should always consider why their organization exists and how the company measures success. "Then immediately after that, how does human capital enable that success?" Holtom said. "Wherever humans make an important contribution, the human resources group has to really understand and have a strategic voice in enabling that."


  • Online Dating: Can Apps and Algorithms Lead to True Love?

    The report mentions the research of Rebecca Heino, teaching professor of management at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business, including her work on image management and online dating as a marketplace.


  • Putting Family Before Work: Why Google CFO’s Choice Was Such a Shocker

    In an op-ed, Professor of Management Catherine Tinsley discusses her research on attitudes toward traditional gender roles in light of Patrick Pichette’s recent decision to retire from Google.


  • Wage Inequality in the Workplace

    As you may know, International Women’s Day was this past Sunday! And it's a day to recognize and celebrate gender equality. Catherine Tinsley, a Professor of Management at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business and the Executive Director of the Georgetown University Women’s Leadership Initiative, stopped by to tell us more about how women face wage inequality at the workplace.


  • Super Bowl the Final Act of the NFL’s Worst Season

    The Super Bowl, as always, is a near lock to be among the most-watched programs of all time. It’s not guaranteed to last forever, said George Daly, a Georgetown professor of management who consulted the NFL decades ago. “All these things are risky,” Daly said. “If you look back to, say, 1950, the NFL title game brought in less money than the Rose Bowl. Things can change.”