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Marketing Faculty in the News

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business’s distinguished faculty members regularly provide thought leadership through various media outlets. They share research insights and commentary on business news.

  • Startup Hoyas: Teaching Entrepreneurship at Georgetown University

    From Stanford University in California to Florida State University on the East Coast, colleges and universities across the United States are increasingly creating courses, majors, and departments that teach students how to become more entrepreneurial. Jeff Reid and Alyssa Lovegrove are leading this effort at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. Reid is the founding director of the Georgetown University Entrepreneurship Initiative, an entrepreneurial program he runs alongside Lovegrove, its associate director.


  • Sponsorships Lift Extreme Sports to the Next Level

    "There's less of a stigma attached to getting corporate dollars," said Georgetown University marketing professor Marlene Morris Towns.


  • The Quirks of Smallness

    The article focuses on research by Assistant Professor Neeru Paharia and her colleagues: A study, published in May, from researchers at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and Harvard Business School builds a theoretical framework to make sense of Herb Hyman’s luck.


  • Brand Loyalty’s Role in Buying

    "The brand must align with our views and the way people see us," said Marlene Morris Towns, professor of marketing at Georgetown University in Washington. "You're a Brooks Brothers guy or Birkenstock guy. You share marriage views with Chick-fil-A's management, or they offend you."


  • The Upside to Large Competitors

    The article is a preview of forthcoming research by Assistant Professor Neeru Pahari and her colleagues: Large competitors are often viewed as a major threat for startups and small companies; big companies have more financial resources and greater scale, market power and brand awareness than smaller ones. However, our research finds that a smaller brand can actually benefit if consumers can see the competitive threat it faces from a larger organization.


  • Is All That Back-to-School Shopping Angst Really Necessary?

    Marlene Morris Towns, a professor of marketing at Georgetown University and a member of the Association for Consumer Research, said the recession has been a key factor in the way retailers and consumers play cat-and-mouse.


  • Interview with Bill Novelli

    The interview features a Q&A with Professor Bill Novelli on how organizations of all sizes can use data to make smarter decisions.


  • Exercise Now, Save a Ton of Money in Retirement

    Aging at home, of course, is what most people would prefer. Some 91% of Americans want to age in place, according to a survey last month by Royal Philips, a technology company, and the Global Social Enterprise Initiative at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. “The research is very clear that people want to be as independent as possible for as long as possible,” said Bill Novelli, a professor at McDonough. “People want to be home, whether that’s Milwaukee or Boca Raton.”