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Executive Career Development Curriculum

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Our Executive Career Development Curriculum supports you with a three-part career development system. 

Executive Career Seminar Series: 

Leveraging group learning, we will use concentrated periods of time to facilitate the deepest insights, to bring clarity to decision points, and to produce core career marketing content. The three-part seminar series will take you through the development of your narrative, a plan for expanding your network, and a next-level candidacy strategy. The entire seminar series will be offered twice during your program, so you can choose the timing that matches your career plans. 

The most important aspect of executive communication is the impression you make on others, and research shows that the story genre is most effective. As you navigate your way forward, you will engage in both informal and formal career conversations, but what you can count on in each is the need to pinpoint your unique value to showcase in your career bio and leadership stories.

Professionals in advanced positions often display excellent networking abilities, especially the ability to initiate connections and conversations. As you rise into the executive ranks, there will be increasing demands on your time, requiring you to recalculate your network management approach. In this module, the emphases will be on time investments, strategic advocacy, and influencing decision makers.

As a finale to the career development effort, we will anticipate interviewing at the executive level by hearing from executive search consultants and executive recruiters who assess and support top candidates. This event will be held in a reception format to allow for a panel discussion surrounded by meet and greet opportunities. As tradition, the graduating class of executive MBAs are presented to alumni in our annual Executive Bio Book.