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Entrepreneurship Fellows Program

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The Entrepreneurship Fellows Program (EFP) is designed with the entrepreneurial student in mind.

Students in all schools will receive an application email from their dean's office in the fall of their sophomore year.

Through a blend of coursework and co-curricular activities, the EFP helps students to:

  • Understand their personal entrepreneurial aptitude
  • Learn lessons from entrepreneurial mentors and faculty
  • Bond with their entrepreneurial peers and experienced mentors
  • ​Pursue an entrepreneurial career in new or existing organizations


Undergraduate students at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business can earn the Entrepreneurship Fellowship by doing the following:

  1. Complete course STRT 280: Foundations of Entrepreneurship (3 cr.)
  2. ​Complete course STRT 295: Launching the Venture (3 cr.)
  3. Complete course MGMT 208: Entrepreneurial Practicum, which consists of at least 120 hours of supervised practical work (3 cr.)
  4. Compete in the Hoya Challenge business pitch competition
  5. Business students are required to complete ACCT 101, while non-business students are required to complete ACCT 001.      Note: Business Minors from the College are required to take ACCT 101 instead of ACCT 001.

There is some flexibility in scheduling these courses to allow students who spend a semester abroad to complete the fellowship.


If you have questions about the application or the program in general, please contact program co-directors, Michelle Sheahan and Alyssa Lovegrove.