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Global Strategic Management: The Asian Perspective

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Program Information

This four-week program is designed to enable McDonough students to undertake study in business strategy and intercultural communication in Hong Kong, one of Asia’s most dynamic and fascinating cities.  

The program includes a combination of course lectures and seminars, as well as visits to prominent business and cultural sites in Hong Kong. Students will meet with leaders from various governmental and industry entities to gain insight into the important role that Hong Kong plays at the crossroads of global commerce. The visits will allow students to learn about strategy and its application in various contexts. In addition, students will have the opportunity to experience the unique culture, language, and customs of Hong Kong.  The program may also include short excursions to Macau as well as Shenzhen, China. 


  • ECON 001: Principles of Microeconomics
  • ECON 002: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ACCT 101: Accounting I    


  • STRT 283: Strategic Management - This course fulfills:
    1. The strategic management core requirement for all business students
  • MGMT 205: Intercultural Communication - This course fulfills:
    1. An elective requirement for students majoring in Management, Leadership, and Innovation
    2. An elective requirement for International Business Regional Studies major.
    3. An elective requirement for the Integrated Writing Requirement for business students..

For information about the program and for scholarship opportunities, contact: Senior Assistant Dean, Dr. Monija Amani.

Program Dates:  June - July 2017 ( Exact dates TBA)