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Parents Advisory Council Members

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Parents Advisory Council (PAC) Members

The work of the PAC is critical to the school’s ability to realize its aspiration to be recognized as a global leader in undergraduate business education. Parents Advisory Council members provide financial resources to help fund curricular and co-curricular programs that produce transformational educational experiences – both at Georgetown and abroad. Gifts from members of the PAC will contribute to the Undergraduate Programs Initiatives Fund, unless otherwise directed.

To find out more about how to become a member of the PAC, please contact Sharon Gibson at We would be delighted to discuss your participation on the PAC.

PAC Roster 2015- 2016


John and Kim Abate (P’19)

Rye, NY, USA


Ajay and Simone Arora (P'18)

Juhu Scheme, Mumbai, India


Steve Alfieri (B'86, P'17)

New York, NY, USA


Maite Arango (P'17)

Madrid, Spain


Gemma and Carlos Arellano (P’17, P’16)

Bogota, Colombia


Rudy and Josie Beeck (P'13, P'16, P'16)

Key Biscayne, FL, USA


Judy and Mitchell Cohen (P'18)

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Caridad De la Puente (P’16)

Lima, Peru


Patricia (N’87) and Thomas DuCharme (P’19)

Summit, NJ, USA


Shawn K. (B'81) and Peggy Feeney (P'14, P'17)

Summit, NJ, USA


Robert J. (B'78) and Elizabeth Flanagan (P'10, P'15, P'17)

Bethesda, MD, USA


Maria and Bolo Flores (P’15, P’19)

Panama City, Panama


Rob and Tara (N’90) Griffith  (P’18)

Garden City, NY, USA


Patrick and Jennifer Higgins (P'16)

Short Hills, NJ, USA


Molly Sawyer and Kirk Ludtke (P'17, P'18)

New Canaan, CT, USA


Susan (C’88) and Patrick (B’88) McCloskey (P’18, P’19)

Bronxville,NY, USA


Jane and Jay McGraw (P'18)

Short Hills, NJ, USA


Susan and Joe Meyer (P'16)

Atlanta, GA, USA


Sherry and Yoel Neman (P'07, P'18)

Beverly Hills, CA, USA


Laurie and Robert Platek (P’13, P'18, P’18)

Rye, NY, USA


Mary Machado Schammel (C'80) and Richard M. (MBA'15) Schammel (P'17)

Pasadena, CA, USA


Fady I. and Roula Sharara (P'17)

Bethesda, MD, USA


Lisina Noel Della Schiava (I'86) and Yanko Della Schiava (P'17)

Milan, Italy


Monica Vidal (P’17)

Madrid, Spain


Michael and Michele Wiener (P'16)

Beverly Hills, CA, USA


Juli and Michael Woronoff (P’19, P’19)

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Aviva and Saul D. Yoffe (P'16)

Newton Center, MA, USA


Keith T. and Robyn Zimmet (P'17)

Agoura Hills, CA, USA