Business-Savvy Undergraduates Develop Companies Related to College Prep, Student Housing

November 04, 2010 FindMyHousing

Student-run enterprises abound at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. From college prep services to web applications to find campus housing, students are translating their business classes to business successes.

After his freshman year, Aditya Sahajwalla sought a way to combine what he learned in his business classes and the need within the greater Washington, D.C., community for quality tutoring and college admissions services. That summer, he founded ivypoint Prep. Now a senior, Sahajwalla and his fellow student managers have continued to evolve the business, eventually deciding to focus on offering undergraduate application essay editing and consulting services. Today, the company employs 13 undergraduate students and has clients in multiple states. For more information, visit
At many colleges, the search for off-campus housing can be tedious. At Georgetown, three undergraduate business majors have developed a new web application to provide students with a more efficient means of finding housing. Peter Swiek, Joey Fredrich, and Michael Crouch released to the Georgetown University community in mid-September for individuals finding and posting apartments, houses, rooms, and parking spots.
A free service for members of the Georgetown University community and pre-screened landlords, the site allows users to search by viewing an aerial map of Georgetown populated with color-coordinated pushpins for the different types of listings. The listing system features free pictures and Google Street View integration. Its most distinguishing feature is the Directory, which is a database of theoretical off-campus housing. While regular listings expire, the FMH Directory is a permanent, up-to-date listing that students can view to research and rate properties.