Business School Alumna Makes Millions from myYearbook

July 22, 2011 Catherine Cook

A social networking idea that Catherine Cook (B’11) and her brother, David, thought up as teenagers and nurtured at Georgetown just sold for $100 million.

Quepasa, a Latino social networking site, recently merged with the Cooks’ myYearbook, the idea that has turned into one of the largest media properties in the United States.

“Back in 2005, Dave and I were flipping through our high school yearbook in his room and decided that yearbooks were a terrible tool for meeting new people and we could make a better one ourselves by putting it online,” the Georgetown graduate explains.

The siblings launched their own site at their high school in Skillman, N.J., and 400 people signed up within a week. Now 32.7 million people go to myYearbook to make friends, play games and even contribute to causes.

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