Competition Cultivates Business Solutions

February 24, 2009

Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business Hosts Strategy Challenge to Encourage Undergraduate Creativity in Formulating Business Solutions

Got business savvy? Twelve teams of undergraduate students representing top universities from across the country hope to prove they do at the 2009 Business Strategy Challenge (BSC) in Washington, D.C. The BSC will provide a competitive experience to produce real strategic business solutions for a nationally-recognized non-profit organization. Georgetown Universtiy's McDonough School of Business and the student-run Hilltop Consultants will host the three-day friendly competition from Thursday, February 26, until Saturday, February 28.

The client, whose identity will be announced on February 26 at a live case presentation and via the BSC Web site, will introduce its business dilemma to competitors shortly after the students' arrival in Georgetown. The teams will then have just one day to cooperate, solve the case to the best of their ability, and prepare a presentation for judges with the hope of moving forward as a finalist. The panel of judges, comprised of local consulting experts and selected members from the client, will announce the winner of the finalist round at the awards ceremony on February 28.

Following its philosophy that an enjoyable total experience will best foster implementable business solutions for the non-profit client, the BSC additionally offers its participants a social atmosphere and lasting memories. Students from all corners of the country have the chance to connect during social dinners and a DC tour that highlights the impressiveness of our nation's capital. The team members also enjoy opportunities to learn from and network with successful professionals from a number of local consulting organizations.

The BSC is in its fifth year of existence at Georgetown University as an extension of Hilltop Consultants, working to fulfill its mission of serving the community while shaping undergraduates into future business leaders. The Business Strategy Challenge is the only live business case competition with a focus on serving non-profit organizations. The 2009 BSC is sponsored by RAFFA Consulting, KPMG, and Kadix Systems. For additional information contact Kelley Kahler at (440)539-2309 or Also visit