Democratic Presidential Hopeful Addresses Georgetown MBAs

June 20, 2003

North Carolina Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards spoke to a crowd of more than 150 Georgetown MBA students June 17 in Copley Formal Lounge. He was hosted by the McDonough School of Business and Georgetown University, and Paul Legrady provided introductory remarks.

Edwards is among many business, policy and thought leaders that come to the McDonough School of Business every year to speak to students -- both to share their perspectives and to engage students in conversations over important issues confronting business, our nation and the world.

"To the business students here today," Edwards said, "I want to say, you can do more than anyone else to restore our values to the business world."

Edwards announced his campaign for president in January, and his speech at Georgetown revealed his proposal for tax breaks intended to help the middle class buy homes, invest in the stock market and save money for retirement, which he proposes to fund by rolling back President Bush's tax cuts for wealthier Americans.

"I am impressed that Senator Edwards targeted the Georgetown MBA student community for such an important presidential campaign speech," said rising second year MBA student David H. Bromage. "His appearance here at Georgetown, in the same year that we hosted Warren Buffet and many other influential leaders, is testimony to the reputation and relevance of our MBA program."

More than 15 journalists were present at the speech, which was covered by CNN and Fox News, as well as by the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, the Raleigh News Observer, the Charlotte Observer, the Associated Press and Reuters news service.

John Edwards photo by second year MBA student Lars Tray.