EML Students Fulfill Global Residency in Cape Town

December 10, 2012

Students in the Executive Master’s in Leadership Program spent a week working for Raymond Ackerman Academy (RAA) in Cape Town, Africa, last summer as part of their Global Business Experience.

The Global Business Experience provides students the opportunity to put concepts learned in the classroom into practice in an international setting where student teams present recommendations to a client and participate in a week of academic and cultural experiences.

“No other trip I have taken has ever come close to the extraordinary experience I had in South Africa,” said Tara de Nicolas (EML ’13). “[Our] team had the pleasure of creating interactive and engaging workshops on entrepreneurship for the students at RAA. The students had to build a business idea based on the principles we taught and present them in front of the class.”

RAA provides 6 months of education to promising entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 30, and the curriculum includes personal development in addition to entrepreneurship characteristics and skills. By the end of the program each participant has had the experience working in a company, and has at least one good idea for starting a business.

“This residency allowed me to tie in my passion for young people with my passion for entrepreneurship,” said Milton Dodson (EML ’13).  “It was a wonderful way to show how much we learned and had to give,” added John Dwyer (EML ’13). “I think I have found a life-long passion for teaching business skills.”

-- Lamar Dawson