Executive Master’s in Leadership Students Present Master’s Papers

February 27, 2012

On Saturday, February 18, selected students in the Executive Master’s in Leadership (EML) program showcased their capacity for leading their organizations by examining female leadership, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility in the 2011-12 Master’s Paper Showcase.

The master’s paper is an individual capstone project that provides an opportunity for each EML student (guided by a faculty mentor and with input from a second faculty reader) to carefully explore a personally relevant leadership issue.
“The master’s paper is essentially a mini thesis,” said Lamar Reinsch, professor of management and academic director for the EML program. “It’s an opportunity for students to further educate themselves on business and leadership issues they care about and apply what they have learned in class in examining those issues.”
Ron Calvin chose to explore employee engagement at Delta Airlines. “If you put employees at the forefront of every decision, you will never regret any decision that you make,” said Calvin, quoting Delta Founder C.E. Woolman.
“What I appreciated the most about this experience was the opportunity to build a relationship with an advisor, learning how to create a business plan, and executing it,” said Calvin.
Other papers included “The Curse of the Bitch Factor,” by Ariel Batungbacal, which studied females in leadership roles; Karen Deli’s case study on “Specialists On Call,” a telemedicine service; and a look at corporate social responsibility in the natural health and beauty products industry by Selena Shilad.
For more information about the Executive Master’s In Leadership program, visit http://msb.georgetown.edu/executive-degree-programs/executive-masters-leadership.  
-Lamar Dawson