Forbes Ranks Georgetown MBA in Top 25

September 26, 2003

Forbes ranked the Georgetown University's Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business #24 in its survey of 67 U.S. and 18 international MBA programs. The article ranked business schools according to the return on investment students can expect from attending their MBA programs.

The Forbes survey shows that Georgetown MBA graduates had a five-year gain of $93,000 over tuition and forgone salary and needed only three years to break even on their investment in the MBA degree. Georgetown MBA graduates saw their pre-MBA salaries increase by 224 percent from the year before they came to school in 1996.

Forbes distributed 18,000 questionnaires to Class of 1998 graduates of 99 MBA programs around the world and heard back from 28 percent of the alumni. To determine the five-year MBA gain, it asked for pre-MBA salaries and compensation in three of the first five years after MBA graduation. For the first time, Forbes also "factored in the value of exercised stock options during these five years." It compared the compensation after school with both costs of attending (in tuition and forgone salary) and estimates of what the same students would have made, with smaller pay raises, in their old jobs. Earnings gains were discounted back to 1996 using a rate tied to money market yields. Salaries were adjusted for the cost of living, and any school where alumni responses were less than 15 percent was discarded.

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