Georgetown MBA Students Participate in Global Residency Program: The Global Integrative

October 29, 2008 shenoasimpson

Georgetown MBA features a unique international program, The Global Integrative. This program, required of all students, offers an outstanding way to get both in-depth classroom knowledge about international business practices and real-world consulting experience with foreign clients or US multinationals.

On-campus classes consist of lectures and case studies focused on a country's economic system, government, regulatory practices and culture. During the classroom sessions, students develop faculty-supervised team projects that address a business problem of the selected client.

At the end of the classroom period, students shift their base of operations to the client's country. This foreign residency lasts one week and concludes with a presentation to the client organization. Client feedback on student projects has been very positive, and numerous engagements result in client implementation of the recommendations.

Foreign residencies have taken students to countries such as Dubai, South Africa, China, India, England, Argentina, Turkey, Czech Republic, Brazil, Italy, Vietnam and Mexico. Partcipating companies have included 3M, Calvert Group, Philips, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Merck Brazil, Lockheed Martin, Coca Cola, National Stock Exchange of India, Motorola, KPMG Consulting, Ducati Motors, Gartner Group, Citibank, American Express, and Infosys Technologies.

"I believe I was sold on China as the destination of choice for my foreign residency experience when I read a travel guide that said, "China isn't another country - it's another world." Our residency centered on Shanghai; however, I wanted to travel throughout China to really get a feel for the country. This took me to Beijing, Xian and Suzhou before I got to Shanghai."

Shenoa Simpson
MBA 2005

"The integrative was one of the highlights of my experience here at MSB. To have the opportunity to test our business problem solving skills-in particular the marketing strategies taught by Homa in a dynamic environment like Dubai, was great."

Monica Bhanote
MBA 2008

"Georgetown's International Executive MBA program gave me legitimate global business experience. My team consulted for Infosys Technologies, the first Indian company to be added to the NASDAQ 100. I cannot emphasize enough the distinction between learning new business principles and actually having the opportunity to apply them. This experience was the opportunity of a lifetime. "

Vivian Linder
MBA 2006

"Our group spent six months developing an analysis tool for a client in Turkey to enter new international markets. We constantly communicated with the executive responsible for international expansion, then met with him in Turkey. The other executive MBA programs I compared initially also had international residencies, but their residencies were more like field trips. At Georgetown, we applied our education to practical business issues."

Henry White
MBA 2006