Georgetown Student and Alumni Entrepreneurs Participate in Summer Startup Program

May 23, 2012 Summer Startup Participants
For 11 weeks this summer, 15 groups of entrepreneurs from across campus will incubate their businesses in the Hariri Building through the Georgetown Entrepreneurship Initiative’s Summer Startup Program.
These students and recent graduates will have office space to work on their businesses and will participate in various mentoring, advising, pitching, and networking activities throughout the summer.
The program will host two open house and networking events for anyone interested in learning more about their businesses. They will take place in the Hariri Building on Wednesday, June 20, and Wednesday, July 18, from 5 to 7 p.m. 
The companies participating in the Georgetown Summer Startup Program are:
Led by Logan Soya, MBA ’13
Aquicore provides a complete solution to measure, compare, and act on energy consumption in buildings to save money and earn tax credits.
Bookend Technology
Led by Todd Cofer, SCS ’12
Bookend creates products that help manage and measure K-12 student performance while increasing transparency between the classroom and the living room.
Led by Jeff Stefanis, B ’13
DashBike is the first electric bike designed specifically for the American market that is affordable without compromising technology or sleek design.
Give Social
Led by Kita McCord and Becky Cranston, MBA ’12
Give Social unites local communities around impactful projects. Give Social facilitates funding for nonprofits, increases visibility for businesses, and provides information and transparency for individual donors.
Led by Kyle Miller and Brian Will, B ’12
GuideBreeze connects hunting and fishing enthusiasts with guides by compiling a comprehensive list of hunting and fishing outfitters, creating transparency within the market, and providing accessibility for those passionate about the outdoors.
Local Energy Technologies
Led by Luke Schoenfelder and Jamil Poonja, COL ’12
LET has developed a technology to radically change the way energy is managed in emerging markets.  Its fundamental mission is to expand electricity access while also improving the way that energy distribution and sales take place using the latest technology available.
The Millenial Trains Project
Led by Patrick Dowd, SFS ’09; Nick Troiano, COL ’12; John Gwin, SFS ’12
MTP will run transcontinental train journeys across the United States, highlighting instructive examples of progress and opportunity in urban and rural areas across America. They hope to inspire Millennials to take similarly bold actions that accelerate economic growth and renewal nationwide.
Led by Christina Wilson, SCS ’13
Mōdefy is a streamlined web portal and incentive-driven social forum aiming to democratize the fashion industry.
Led by Maxim Wheatley, COL '13
RealDeal leverages mobile technology to bring "web analytics" style optimization tools to brick-and-mortar businesses. Connecting a consumer-used application to a central server, businesses can conduct research, social-media engagement, and promote new products in a streamlined package.  
Reserved Incorporated
Led by Doug Kilgour and Mitchel Harris, MBA ’12
Reserved, Inc., auctions dinner reservations, via an online auction platform, at popular restaurants in metropolitan areas.  Proceeds from the auctions go to local food charities.
Led by Ian Simpson, MBA ’07
Tēvolution offers a unique blend of organic teas, natural flavors, and a touch of organic cane sugar to provide a refreshing beverage. The company donates 25 cents on the sale of each bottle to charity and allows the consumer to track where the donation made an impact.
ToughDome LLC
Led By Kathleen Wolff, EMBA ’12
The TouchDome watch is a "talking" time piece – a wrist watch with an audio function that tells the time by pressing the face of the watch.
Tutors on Campus
Led by Raphael Wertheimer, SFS ’12
Tutors on Campus aims to connect undergraduate students looking for a supplemental education with graduates who are fluent in their field of study.
Led by Josh Peyton, SCS ’14
YellowFlag is a second screen social platform specifically aimed for college and pro football fans. It is the first mobile application dedicated to facilitate fan interaction in real-time for both the NCAA and NFL.
Led by Eric Bell, MBA-EP ’12
YoBucko is an online personal finance guide that equips 20-somethings with the financial knowledge, skills, and tools needed to build wealth.