Georgetown University to Hold Book Discussion April 20 by McDonough School of Business Professor Stanley Nollen and Neil Gregory

April 07, 2009 newindustries_authors

Washington, D.C. - Stanley Nollen, a professor at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, and Neil Gregory of the International Finance Corporation will discuss their new book, New Industries from New Places: The Emergence of the Hardware and Software Industries in China and India, on Monday, April 20.

The event, which is sponsored by Georgetown's Mortara Center for International Studies and the India Forum, will be held at 3:30 p.m. in the Mortara Center, located at the corner of 36th and N Streets. A book signing and reception will follow.

New Industries from New Places examines how the twin giants of Asia - China and India - have capitalized on the IT revolution during the past 15 years to turbocharge their economic growth. India has become a software services powerhouse, while China churns out much of the world's IT hardware. The authors outline how these countries were able to achieve global competitiveness so quickly and why software predominated in one country and hardware in the other. They also discuss the economic context and the business environment for private enterprise in China and India and consider how far differences in economic policies or the business environment can go in explaining the observed distinctions between the two. The book concludes by evaluating explanations for the growth performance of hardware and software in each country, drawing conclusions for future economic policies and business strategies.

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