Georgetown Women in Business Holds Leadership Conference

January 14, 2010 GWIB Panel

In December, Georgetown Women in Business (GWiB) held its first daylong leadership conference, titled Breaking Ceilings and Building Bridges. More than 100 people, including GWiB members, prospective students, alumni, and Georgetown faculty, braved the snowy weather to attend the conference.

The keynote lecture was delivered by Ambassador to Lichtenstein Claudia Fritsche who discussed the many political roles she has held, as well as the importance of setting goals and striving to reach them.

Following the speech was a panel discussion with leading executives Natalie Barth, former investment banker at Morgan Stanley; Kati Penney, partner at Ernst & Young; Mary Faye LaFaver, partner at Ernst & Young; and Katherine Himes, manager at Caterpillar.

Participants also spent part of the day working on real-life case scenarios that included potential challenges in the workplace. Groups of 10 discussed the scenarios and brainstormed solutions. The day concluded with a networking lunch and open discussion.

The conference was hosted by GWiB in partnership with Georgetown University’s Women’s Leadership Initiative and Ernst & Young. GWiB is a chapter of the National Association of Women MBAs, an organization dedicated to educating and promoting the role of women in the workplace. GWiB seeks to accomplish this goal by providing networking, recruiting, and career-building events and opportunities throughout the MBA program. For more information, visit