Georgetown's McDonough School Offers Region's First Executive Master's in Leadership Program

December 13, 2004

Cynthia S. Shaw
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Georgetown's McDonough School Offers Region's First Executive Master's in Leadership Program

Georgetown University's Robert Emmett McDonough School of Business is now accepting applications for the inaugural class of its Executive Master's in Leadership (EML) program. The 11-month master's degree program will begin in February, with classes meeting every other weekend (Friday and Saturday) to meet the needs of working professionals.

"It is extremely important for business schools to offer training in leadership and ethics," says McDonough School Interim Dean Reena Aggarwal. "This degree fits well with the strategic mission of the McDonough School and of Georgetown University."

The Executive Master's in Leadership program was created for working professionals who are in, or aspire to, leadership positions in business, multilateral organizations or government. Directed by McDonough School management professor Robert J. Bies, the EML program is designed to develop important leadership capabilities of individuals such as creativity, innovation, negotiation, interpersonal communication, teamwork and ethical judgment. The program is interdisciplinary in its theories and concepts, derived from several major disciplines at Georgetown, including business, behavioral sciences, communications and ethics.

The EML program consists of 30 hours of master's level courses and will analyze leadership as a set of skills on three different levels - individual, interpersonal and institutional. The curriculum includes courses to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, negotiation and influence skills, and organization and institution-building skills. The program also incorporates two personal leadership action plan courses which, along with interactive coaching sessions, focus on identifying competencies for effective leadership, assessing leadership strengths, and creating a personal action plan.

Five of the 30 credit hours are taken as residencies, two- to three-day seminars focused on core topics such as The Leadership Journey: Passion, Purpose and Practical Skills, Leadership Lessons from the Gettysburg Battlefield: Strategic and Ethical Issues, and Spirituality and Action: Living a Life of Moral Leadership.

"Since September 11 and the more recent pervasive corporate scandals, we are hearing a renewed call for leadership in business, government and the community - a call that Georgetown University is uniquely qualified to answer," Bies says. "It is the integration of practical skills with the passion and moral purpose of the Georgetown tradition that defines our new program."

The program cost is $38,390. Inquiries or applications may be made at or by contacting Michelle Adams at (202) 687-7336 or