"Getting Even: The Truth About Workplace Revenge and How to Stop It"

February 06, 2009 bies2

Professor Bies signed copies of his book at an alumni event March 7.

Almost everyone denies that they engage in revenge, but according to research collected by Robert Bies, professor of management at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business, nearly everyone agrees that getting even is part of the daily routine. What does revenge look like on a daily basis? Are you participating in revenge without knowing it? How do you measure up?

In "Getting Even: The Truth About Workplace Revenge- And How to Stop It," (www.friendsofgettingeven.com), Bies and his co-author share a wide range of lively stories, useful insights, and counter-intuitive truths about workplace revenge. They also provide a framework for understanding the triggers of revenge and outline effective "how to's" for leaders and managers so they can mitigate the likelihood of revenge in their offices.

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