Juniors Named Entrepreneurship Fellows

May 31, 2011

A group of rising juniors at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business were selected into the first class of Entrepreneurship Fellows. Over the next two years, these undergraduates will have the opportunity to complete a combination of coursework and extracurricular activities designed to help them develop and pursue their entrepreneurial interests. 

In addition to this robust learning opportunity, those fellows who meet all the requirements will receive special recognition at graduation and on their official transcripts. Requirements include completing two entrepreneurship courses, 120 hours of supervised practical work, and competition in the Hoya Challenge business pitch competition.

The Entrepreneurial Fellows Program at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business will augment the current curriculum with a mix of coursework and experiential learning. It will help students understand their own personal entrepreneurial aptitude, learn lessons from entrepreneurial mentors and faculty, bond with their entrepreneurial peers and experienced mentors, and be equipped to purse an entrepreneurial career.

Students apply for the program in the spring of their sophomore year. Selection is based on motivation and aptitude as judged via written statements and interviews. The following students are part of the first class of Entrepreneurial Fellows:

Joseph Byrne
Erin Kay Cawley
Caitlin Donahue
Andrew Fraser
Joey Friedrich
Herbie Goldstein
Chris Griffin
Kimly Hoang
Christina Hu
Kevin Hubschmann
Nadia Ibrahim
Tony Imbesi
Shana Jordan
James Li
Kevin Miller
Jeremy Moore
Paul Raskin
Ken Ryan
Mar Snider
Jeff Stefanis
Bryant Wolf
Tom Zorc