MBA Students Participate in "Amazing Race" During Orientation

September 04, 2013

As part of the MBA Program’s orientation week, the Full-time class of 2015 and the Evening Program class of 2016 participated in the “Amazing Race” on and around Georgetown University’s campus.  Randomly assigned teams of four to nine students took part in the activity, providing a physical activity during orientation that allowed new classmates an opportunity to get to know one another. The race covered several miles and included stops at famous Georgetown campus locations. 
At each location, the teams heard a brief history of the location and its significance to Georgetown University.  In addition to learning about campus, teams completed a unique challenge at each station before advancing to the next location.  Checkpoints included the John Carroll Statue, the Exorcist Stairs, and Dahlgren Chapel, as well as off-campus locations such as the Burleith track and the Duke Ellington School for the Arts. Challenges included tossing candy into a partner’s mouth from 10 feet away, leading a blindfolded classmate around a statue using only verbal directions, and running up and down the Exorcist stairs several times.
Since the Full-time MBA students had more time on campus for orientation, their race included 10 stops, while the MBA Evening students worked through five locations. The race was quite a challenge (in the words of some students, too challenging) and at the end of the event, two teams emerged victorious.  The winning teams were:

Full-time Program Winning Team                        
FuDeirdre Reed                                                   
Ryan Herring    
Conrad Von Borsig
Stephen Cannizzaro
Bret Peterson
Georgina Allen
Gheorghe Peltecu
Abraham Glandon