MBA Students Partner with Cisco Systems’ Corporate Social Responsibility Team

May 18, 2010 Cisco Students

Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business continues to increase its reach and impact in the corporate social responsibility (CSR) area and provide opportunities for students to apply their classroom knowledge of CSR to real-time business challenges. Most recently, eight MBA students under Associate Professor Ed Soule’s mentorship partnered with Cisco Systems’ CSR team.

The students benchmarked Cisco’s CSR strategy against CSR leaders and provided recommendations to the company on taking its program to the next level. Catherine Stewart, manager of Cisco Systems, commented on the success of this partnership stating, "The Georgetown MBA students were instrumental in having the Cisco CSR report team take a hard look at how we were telling our story and consider a different approach to appeal to a wide number of stakeholders. As we begin working on the next report, we will be adopting some of their recommendations to improve the impact of the report."

Additionally, Soule commented, “The Cisco project built upon and extended our involvement with Coca-Cola Enterprises during the fourth module of 2009. These projects have proven to be all-around valuable experiences: students gain the latest knowledge and companies receive sophisticated advice.”

From right to left: Andrea Messina, Melissa Golub, Carly Coho, Robin Deliso, Jennifer Bradley Heflin, Sonal Gupta, Kelly O’Brien, back – Ed Soule. Note: Neel Master is not pictured.