McDonough Professor Co-authors Award-Winning Paper on Terrorism and International Business

December 20, 2006

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McDonough Professor Co-authors Award-Winning Paper on Terrorism and International Business

Washington, D.C. - Michael R. Czinkota, of Georgetown's McDonough School of Business, has co-authored a paper that won the Best Paper Award at the 2006 Annual Meeting of the Academy of International Business, Southeast Division. The paper, "Terrorism and International Business: The Corporate Response," discusses the risks that terrorism increasingly poses to the international activities of companies, and what companies can do about those risks.

Czinkota and co-author Gary A. Knight of Florida State University note that "Terrorists direct their attacks against businesses far more than any other target." While the direct effects of terrorism, such as from a bombing, can be tragic, the authors note that the indirect effects of terrorism on business are substantial. They include declines in consumer demand, shifts or interruptions in value and supply chains, new government policies, regulations and laws that affect the business, harmful macroeconomic phenomena and deteriorating international relations affecting trade.

Czinkota and Knight make clear that apathy or passivity in the face of terrorism is not a productive strategy for international firms. Their research shows that firms which respond to the effects or threat of terrorism through advance preparation deal more successfully with terrorism's effects. More than half of the surveyed U.S. firms doing international business have made some preparations for terrorist disruptions.

As a result of his research on terrorism and business, Czinkota has testified before the Small Business Committee of the US House of Representatives, given radio interviews, and presented a keynote speech before the World Marketing Congress in Muenster, Germany. The latest edition (8th) of his textbook, International Marketing, integrates Czinkota's research on terrorism and business.

Czinkota specializes in marketing and international business strategy in his work at the McDonough School. Much of his research focuses on trade policy, global market entry and expansion strategies, and export development policies. Professor Czinkota teaches a graduate seminar on international marketing and terrorism and courses in trade policy, foreign market entry strategies, and export management.

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