MedStar Health President and CEO Urges MBA Students to "Have Passion"

February 13, 2009 kennethsamet

Passion was a recurring theme in Kenneth Samet's talk at the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business Leaders' Breakfast Tuesday, February 10, 2009. Samet told students that "life is too short for a short-term chase." He credited his personal passion to his 25 years in the health industry and his current position as president and CEO of MedStar Health, the region's largest integrated healthcare delivery system.

Making allusions to Barack Obama's leadership style, Samet welcomed "a new day for leadership" and declared, "The era of command and control is over." He described his own leadership style as being driven by constant and personal engagement with his colleagues and employees. Samet also named courage, honest communication, integrity, the determination to leave a legacy and the ability to inspire employees as marks of a great leader.

Samet advised students to be flexible and make an attempt to learn everything they can once they leave business school. "Be a sponge because there is so much to learn," he said. "And be open to a breadth of experiences, because you never know what the outcome of your career will be." During the Q & A that followed his talk, Samet answered students' questions on the need for universal health care and the many challenges facing the health care industry in the District of Columbia.