Pat McGinnis Talks Government to MBA Students Jan. 27

January 26, 2009

President and CEO of the Council for Excellence in Government Pat McGinnis spoke to a group of Georgetown University MBA students on Jan. 27, 2009, as part of the McDonough School of Business Leaders Breakfast Series. McGinnis has spent the past 14 years working with senior government and corporate leaders to raise the bar for corporate governance and government effectiveness. During the breakfast, she talked about her transition from the public sector to the private sector, her firm's involvement in leadership development programs for mid-level bureaucrats, and the future prospects of U.S. government.

Citing examples from previous administrations, McGinnis stressed the importance of transparency, as well as setting clear benchmarks and goals, on both the individual and institutional levels. She said she is confident that President Obama's appointment of a chief performance officer--a position initially established by President George W. Bush--would continue the practice of goal setting and further raise the bar for federal programs and employees. She also encouraged students to consider a career in government, saying that MBAs are needed in its ranks. "With all the momentum President Obama has generated, now is a good time to join the government and help fix broken pieces and increase efficiency," McGinnis remarked.

The McDonough School of Business Leaders Breakfast Series, held throughout the semester, provides MBA students with the opportunity to learn from leading business practitioners from both the private and public sectors.