Seniors Honored at Georgetown McDonough Tropaia Ceremony

May 18, 2012

During the Tropaia Exercises for Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, Dean David A. Thomas challenged the graduating seniors to seek out and tackle issues facing business and society.

He likened the McDonough School of Business as a launching pad, where graduates who have been trained to be principled leaders with a global mindset in service to business and society leave the Hilltop to begin their careers.  
“You represent the best of what we send out into the world,” he said. “Our hope is that in the life you live, you connect with one of those important challenges or opportunities that the world will face in your lifetime.”
His sentiments were echoed by the class valedictorian, Perry Elizabeth Rogers, who addressed the students, faculty, administrators, families, and friends who gathered in Gaston Hall for the ceremony.
“Our professors and mentors have urged us to be men and women for others – this is what will help set us apart from or colleagues at work next year,” she said. “Georgetown has provided us with an academic and moral foundation, as well as friends and memories that I wouldn’t trade for the world.”
During the ceremony, students received academic awards, as well as recognition within their majors. Seniors graduating with honors and those who have been inducted into national honor societies including Alpha Mu Alpha, Alpha Sigma Nu, Beta Gamma Sigma, and the Financial Management Association, also were recognized. Additionally, the school honored faculty who have made a difference at Georgetown McDonough.
After the awards were presented, Thomas asked the students to reflect on excellence.
“Wherever you go, I hope you will keep with you what was required to merit these awards. In some way, each of you -- consciously or unconsciously -- decided that you would pursue excellence. As you go out into the world, I hope what you will take with you is that sprit, that pursuit of excellence.”
Academic Honors
Jessica Lynne Holton, Reverend Joseph S. Sebes, S.J. Award
Edgar Corona, Othmar Winkler Award
Reza Richard Ryan Handley-Namavar, Undergraduate Dean’s Award
Salutatorian Award, Michael James Kochevar
Valedictorian Award, Perry Elizabeth Rogers
Amanda Marie Burlone, Deloitte Award for Accounting Excellence
Michael Jeffrey Chaykin and Sarah Elizabeth Foley, George Houston Accounting Achievement Award
Reilly Thomas Davis, Accounting Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
Jessica Lynn Holton and Todd D. Reese, Georgetown Accounting Society Award for Service and Excellence
Perry Elizabeth Rogers, Finance Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
Jillian Rebecca Ugol, Award for Achievement in Corporate Finance
Katherine Elizabeth Hogan, Award for Achievement in Banking
Scott Leffler, Award for Achievement in Financial Services
Tyler Christian Zanini, FMA/Credit Suisse Award for Excellence in Finance
Kevin Thomas Graver, Award for Achievement in Investments
Michael James Kochevar, Center for Financial Markets & Policy Award for Achievement in Finance
Kaitlin Alyssa Margraf, Center for Financial Markets & Policy Award for Achievement in International Finance
George Chedid, Peter Rourke Eason, Vanessa Elizabeth Magli, Financial Management Association Award for Service
Stephen Michael Collier, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Award for Academic Excellence in Negotiation, Mediation, and Alternative Dispute Resolution
Andrew Berman Levin, Gannett Award for Academic Excellence in Negotiation, Arbitration, and Labor Relations
Amanda Kay Wright, William J. Curtin Award for Academic Excellence in Leadership
Timothy John Shine, William J. Usery Award for Academic Excellence in Negotiation, Mediation, and Conflict Resolution
Reza Richard Ryan Handley-Namavar, Swift Glass Company Award for Academic Excellence in Innovation
Joyce Dhawon Chung, Management Faculty Award for Academic Excellence in Human Capital and Human Resource Management
Marketing/International Business
Meredith Starry Jeanes, BAE Systems International Marketing Award
Alexis Kayla Ryan, IMAX Marketing Research Award and Newell Rubbermaid Marketing/International Business Award
Daniel Ribeiro de Paula Lima, IMAX Marketing Scholar Award
Marc Geoffrey Sella, Marketing Faculty Award for Academic Excellence
Andrew Berman Levin, Interlink Capital Strategies International Business Scholar Award
Joan Adele Dulieu, International Business Faculty Award for Academic Excellence 
Operations and Information Management
Patrick Hsu, Operations and Information Management Faculty Award for Academic Excellence,
Shane Geral Sarver, Deloitte Award for Service in Operations and Information Management
Marc Geoffrey Sella, PricewaterhouseCoopers Award for Service and Scholarship in Operations and Information Management
Faculty Awards
Luc Wathieu, Faculty Research Award 
Sandeep Dahiya, Joseph F. LeMoine Award for Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Excellence
Prashant Malaviya, Dean’s Distinguished Service Award
Timothy McBride, Peter W. Gonzalez Jr. Award for Excellence in Adjunct faculty Teaching
Jacqueline Hoell, Academic Council Professor of the Year Student Choice Award