Serious Business Starts Now

August 28, 2012

Georgetown McDonough MBA Students Dive Into International Business on Day 1 With New Structure of Global Industries Course

As a pioneer in global business education, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business once again is changing the way that MBA students attain a global mindset.

This August, incoming MBA students arrived early to complete the Structure of Global Industries, a three-week integrative course that teaches the critical features of competition in international business. It is the first course in a newly designed curriculum that aims to develop principled leaders with a global mindset to be in service to business and society through integrative teaching, added rigor, and a greater emphasis on quantitative and analytical skills.

“We innovated  global consulting projects 18 years ago as a core requirement for all MBA students and we believe that our new curriculum – starting with the Structure of Global Industries – will be a major new innovation on the landscape of global business education,” said Elaine Romanelli, senior associate dean for MBA programs at Georgetown McDonough. “Moreover, while other schools are easing their students into the academic year, we have asked our students to spend their first three weeks immersed in this intense course. I’ve emphasized to them that we are serious about business education, and seriousness starts now.”

Designed to anchor future MBA coursework, the Structure of Global Industries provides students the understanding of what it means to operate in a global business world. The course examines where the production of goods and services is located in selected industries and how it is organized, where distribution and sales take place in markets worldwide, and how external macroeconomic shocks affect the competitive positions and strategies of firms.

As an integrative course, students study international economics enriched by global strategy. Ethical considerations also are introduced formally and experientially, and management communication skills are bolstered through a final project where teams of students make strategic international business decisions for firms about production and market locations and organization in each of three diverse global industries.

“The Structure of Global Industries course is all about preparation,” Romanelli said. “Students dive right into the rigors of graduate coursework. They receive an overarching view of global business that will inform what they are learning in future classes. They experience business and business scenarios that shape their internship and job searches. And, most of all, they take the first step in a transformational experience that defines the Georgetown McDonough MBA.”