Taryn Voget Explains Every Genius Institute’s Concept at Leaders Breakfast

February 23, 2011

With books and DVDs in-hand, the CEO and co-founder of Everyday Genius Institute and Georgetown graduate Taryn Voget spoke of her new business venture during a February 16 Leaders MBA Breakfast.

Voget’s “Think Like a Genius” series has been lauded as an instruction tool from experts at the top of their respective fields. At the breakfast, she explained the challenges of marketing and getting her line of books to the retail shelves.

To start the discussion, Voget took the opportunity to explain how the Everyday Genius Institute was born. Her collection of ideas was conceived with a piece of paper and a drive across one of America’s most recognizable landmarks.

“I took out a piece of paper one day and I made a list of what excited me,” said Voget. “On that list I noted that I wanted to work with smart people, and I wanted to make a difference. Then one day when I was driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, I had an idea flash for Everyday Genius.”

Her first literary-video offerings include the subjects of wine-tasting, straight-A study habits, copywriting, and thinking like a genius. Voget also revealed that possible future titles could include tutorials on public speaking, health and healing, and entrepreneurship.

“We’ve learned that people don’t read much anymore; they want it quick and easy,” she told the students. “Our aim was to make these books very visual. I don’t think any book is longer than 44 pages.”

Voget concluded her morning discussion with advice for the gathered MBAs.

“Make a list of things that excite you,” she said. “Business school is great, but it is really useful to learn the pure form of business in running or starting your own business. You get to wear all the hats and make all the rules. Building a product is such an intense focus. As an entrepreneur, you have to do it all yourself.”