Tech Entrepreneur Maps Path for Success

August 21, 2013

While at Georgetown McDonough, David Johnson (MBA’04) saw an opportunity. This opportunity eventually became Atlas Digital Solutions LLC, a company he founded in 2005, and continues to serve as CEO.  Atlas specializes in providing data protection solutions, with core clients diversified across the financial, insurance, legal, and healthcare industries.

David used his MBA at Georgetown McDonough as a launching pad to start his entrepreneurial career. Even though he always knew he was going to be an entrepreneur, he understood that his skills needed fine tuning. So while at Georgetown, he chose to focus on finance and strategy, and networked with many successful entrepreneurs.
Through the years, David continued to work extremely hard, meeting regularly with existing and potential customers, and listening to their needs.  Understanding his customers allowed him to develop the best solutions for them. He also worked on building relationships and eventually, earning the trust of his clients, allowing Atlas to evolve and offer other related services, including co-location and customized solutions.   
“I received the best advice from my father – to start my career path in sales,” David shares.  As anyone who has tried working in sales knows well, it is sink or swim, so David quickly learned the power of knowledge, confidence, and becoming an expert in the relevant field.  He also learned that selling is an acquired skill that can continually be improved on.
David’s advice to future entrepreneurs? “There is no big secret,” he says. “Success will follow hard work and great relationships.”

David also recommends building a strong support structure, such as a significant other, a business partner or a fellow entrepreneur who can provide emotional and mental reinforcement. He says, “Starting your own company is a very emotional process that lends itself to incredible highs and inevitable lows. Learn to enjoy the rewards and to persevere through the challenges.”

-- Joan Lim