Three Days in Monterrey Meeting Alumni and Future Hoyas

September 17, 2013

Traveling the world to attract and recruit the best talent for Georgetown's MBA program, MBA Programs Senior Associate Dean Elaine Romanelli and MBA Admissions Associate Dean Shari Hubert spent three days in Monterrey, Mexico, August 25-27. As part of their visit, Romanelli and Hubert met with Georgetown alumni and connected some of those former graduates with young professionals who are interested in learning more about Georgetown McDonough’s Full-time MBA program.

“By sharing their experiences of how the Georgetown MBA enabled them to make a positive impact on business and society, our alumni make all the difference to prospective students trying to decide if Georgetown is the place for them,” says Hubert.

Jose Rodriquez, MBA ’04, showed the traditional warm Mexican hospitality when he went above and beyond for his alma mater by hosting a dinner on August 25 at El Granero Grill for Romanelli and Hubert with 11 prospective students, and then a breakfast on August 27 with nine alumni. During the dinner, Romanelli and Hubert talked to the prospective students about the MBA program and ways the students can make themselves more competitive in the application process. 

Georgetown graduates from 1992 through 2009 attended Rodriquez’s alumni breakfast at the Club Industriel in Monterrey. Romanelli and Hubert engaged these alumni in a conversation about the value of their Georgetown degree, happenings within the MBA program, and the history of recruiting students from Mexico and all of Latin America, as well as the desire to attract more students from the region. 

Antonio Peña, MBA ’92, who attended the breakfast, says of his Georgetown experience, “For me, a key factor and key differentiator in choosing Georgetown is the Jesuits. The influence of the Jesuits is everywhere at Georgetown University. It is a tradition of ethics and service to others, which gives a special meaning to this education. Mexico requires people with strong fundamentals, and Georgetown encourages men and women for others.”
Álvaro Fernández, MBA ’95, describes the Georgetown McDonough visit to Monterrey as excellent. He says, “When Elaine and Shari explained to us the new program, it almost makes you want to go back to school again. I'm jealous for the new students. The follow-up they have given since the visit is fantastic. It shows the interest and commitment they have in Mexico."

While in Mexico, Romanelli and Hubert also participated in the Monterrey MBA Fair, along with 25 other international and United States schools. As part of the fair, they talked with more than 100 prospective students and fielded questions about work experience, academics, recommendations, and application essays.

“We currently receive more MBAs from Mexico than from any other country in Latin America,” explains Hubert. “We believe that the Jesuit ethos, and in particular the Georgetown story, resonates with the Latin American culture, and we are committed to continuing to invest our recruitment time and resources in the region. We will definitely be back to Monterrey, and we look forward to forging a strong relationship with our alumni there.”

The August visit to Monterrey is the second time this year that Georgetown McDonough has traveled to Mexico to engage alumni and prospective students. In October 2012, Marcos Alcocer, MBA '88, executive president of Alsa Holdings, SA, hosted a Georgetown McDonough event in Mexico City at Club Circulo during which alumni from all of Georgetown’s schools and prospective MBA students met with Romanelli, Professor of International Business J. Bradford Jensen, Associate Dean and Managing Director of the MBA Career Center Doreen Amorosa, Associate Dean and Chief Marketing Officer Chris M. Kormis, and Assistant Dean for MBA Admissions Katelyn Stephenson.