Undergraduate Business Students Graduate with Integrity, Authenticity, and Commitment Beyond Oneself

May 21, 2011

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business honored its 345 Bachelor of Science in Business Administration graduates Saturday, May 21, on the lawn of Healy Hall. During the commencement, Michael C. Jensen, the Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration Emeritus at the Harvard School of Business, spoke to the graduates about integrity, authenticity, and being committed to something larger than oneself.

To Jensen, integrity “is a matter of one’s word – nothing more, nothing less.” Both personal and organizational integrity, he said, lead to high performance and trust.
In speaking of authenticity, he said, “If you think this does not apply to you, you are fooling yourself about fooling yourself.” As future leaders, the students must “come to terms with these foibles of being human – not by eliminating them, but by being masters of these weaknesses.”Finally, Jensen said finding a passion for living is a truly important part of life. All the good looks, wealth, fame, position, or power in the world cannot fulfill the human spirit, he said, but “we all have the opportunity to create what lights us up.”
Graduate Olga Dorosh found the speech inspirational. “If you listened to the words, it really did apply to us graduates,” said Dorosh, who will be joining an investment firm in the San Francisco Bay Area this summer.
Another graduate, Aditya Sahajwalla, thought it was admirable for Jensen to try to live his life to a larger standard. “I liked the part when he talked about focusing on living life like a shining torch instead of a flickering candle.” Sahajwalla will be working with Fannie Mae beginning in August while also pursuing entrepreneurial ventures on the side.
During the ceremony, the university also awarded Jensen an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters, honoris causa.