Undergraduates Receive Research Funding

June 27, 2013

This summer, the Undergraduate Research Fellow Awards will provide $70,000 in funding for 19 students to conduct research with faculty on topics ranging from consumer satisfaction and behavior to corporate governance in Africa.

Students who receive the Undergraduate Research Fellow Award are recruited by the Office of Fellowships and Awards. Students will be required to prepare a poster for the first McDonough Undergraduate Research Symposium this fall.

Below is a roster of the student awardees and their corresponding research projects:

Name                                     Project Title                                 

Christ Abikaram                    Intra-industry Transfer Information

Kimberly Boeckmann           Internationalization of Universities

Chi Che                               Analysis and Interpretation of King Report Guidelines and Its Impact

Tricia Correia                        Consumer Satisfaction and Behavior

Jillian DeGennaro                  Factors Associating with Accounting Fraud

Joseph Friedrich                   A Focused Investigation of Emergency Department Operations Management

Bibiana Jakubianska             The Alternative Small Business Financing Market

Vidur Khatri                           "Preaching the Gospel": How Organizations Create Brand Ambassadors

Richard Lee                           Corporate Governance in Africa

Alice Lu                                  Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

Stephanie Messenger             Democracy as a Source of Comparative Advantage

Jasmine Motton                     Longevity and Failure of Brand Products

Ong                                      Financial Literacy

John Sapunor                        Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa

Dylan Sorensen                     Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

Madhukar Suri                      Influence of Firm and Executive Characteristics on Insider Trading Profits

Lauren Watanabe                 Financial Industry's Ethical Practices

Caroline Williams                  The Great Recession and Small Business Bank Lending

Taylor Doaty                         Street Sense: The Definition of the Urban Segment and Its Influence on                                                          the Marketing of the Fashion Industry