World's Largest Bank Partners with Executive Education

December 13, 2011

Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business recently finalized an agreement with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) to conduct a 10-month executive education program for 24 senior ICBC executives. The program will focus on finance and also will include courses in accounting, organizational behavior, strategy, and marketing. Professor Allan Eberhart will be the academic director for the ICBC program.

Georgetown anticipates continuing the program beyond 2012 and also hopes to expand relationships with the bank to include other executive education programs, research opportunities, and potential employment connections for Georgetown students.
ICBC is the world's largest bank in terms of both assets and profits. Today, ICBC has more than 6,000 international employees working in 255 branches in 32 countries. To continue growing internationally over the next 10 years, ICBC plans to provide substantial training to more than 2,000 executives at universities abroad.
“I believe that the ICBC program plays to our many strengths as a truly global business school and gives us a strategic partner in the heart of the world's second largest economy. In the Georgetown McDonough tradition, we trust the program will be a transformational experience for the 24 ICBC executives,” said Paul Almeida, senior associate dean for executive education.