Young Alumni Mentor Program Is A Success

July 18, 2008

The Undergraduate Dean's Office at the McDonough School of Business successfully teamed up with Georgetown's chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, the honors business fraternity, to launch the Young Alumni Mentor Program in the Fall of 2007.

The Young Alumni Mentor Program provides undergraduate students with the opportunity to interact with and to learn from alumni who have graduated from MSB fairly recently. Since these alumni have recently gone through the interview process they can guide current students as they prepare for interviews both for internships and for full-time positions.

The alumni share their experiences with their respective companies. This enables current students to learn about various careers which helps them identify the areas that interest them. Students can then plan their course of studies to match their interests.

Al Rubino, an undergraduate, shares his experience from the first semester of the program:

"My participation in the MSB Young Alumni Mentor Program has been an enriching experience. The mentor program provides students with a tangible link to Georgetown alumni and the wealth of experience and knowledge that they have to offer to the students at the school. I found particular value in the flexibility of the program; when applying for a mentor, students are provided with the opportunity to select their areas of business interest. They are subsequently paired with individual alumni who possess experience and business acumen in those areas. The majority of interaction with the alumni takes place at formal business dinners on campus. Such occasions not only simulate a business setting for students but also allow for face to face interaction over the course of the meal, which provides a significant amount of time for three to four students to dialogue with their mentor. I was fortunate enough to be paired with an alumni, Reid Swanson (MSB '06), who provided me not only with details of his experiences in the financial realm but also with insight into the realities of my career after Georgetown. He advised me on how best to take advantage of the opportunities and challenges provided to me during my time at Georgetown so as to be better prepared not only to enter but also to excel in the professional world. As a testament to the quality of the Georgetown alumni network, Reid continued to keep in e-mail contact with myself and the other students even after the events had ended. He remained open to any of our questions and willing to provide personal and professional advice. In my opinion, the program attempted to and was successful in not only facilitating an alumni-student dialogue but also in developing a relationship between the two parties. The formation of this relationship is without question one of the most enduring positives from my experience."

See the web site for more information about the program.