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This summer, Georgetown McDonough students are studying abroad in China, Spain, and England.  Scroll down to see what our students are experiencing abroad!

ESADE - Barcelona, Spain

In Sight and Insight by Ambika Kumar

Last Friday, our ESADE-Georgetown program took us to a conference hosted by the Prince and Princess of Spain called Forum Impulsa. Prior to the conference, we were told we would hear from a variety of entrepreneurs in a variety of languages. Considering it was going to be a 14-hour day and I’m monolingual, I expected my conference to consist more of “zzzzzzz...”s than “ahhhh!!!”s, but I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, the Forum Impulsa was one of the best days I have spent in Spain so far. What made it so great, you ask?

1.  The Prince. As some may know, the Prince of Spain, Felipe Alfonso de Todos los Santos, is actually a Hoya himself. He received his Masters from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. As a true Hoya, he spoke eloquently about his optimism for youth entrepreneurship, the focus of the Forum Impulsa. He expressed his confidence in our generation to reduce youth unemployment through collaboration and entrepreneurship. However, the best part . . . Read More

La Roja Effect by Daniel Lohrfink

I love the New York Giants. It has been months since we won the Superbowl and I still obnoxiously post “NEW YORK GIANTS 2012 SUPERBOWL CHAMPS!!!” on my Facebook wall. A Giants victory will leave me smiling ear to ear for a week. I’m the guy that secretly gave the Vittles employee discount to all Giants fans the day of the Superbowl. I also embarrassingly shed a tear . . . Read More

The Catalans Are Not Staying Still By Raul Motta

With a time difference of at least 6 hours, it is extremely hard to really understand the nature of the financial crisis in Europe. Yes, we all read The Economist and watch the news but I believe that only lets us scratch the surface and see the result rather than understand the cause or nature of the problem. If you walk around many major cities in Europe you will notice that there is no apparent economic downturn. Everybody looks happy . . . Read More

Trinity College - Oxford, England

Comparative Strategic Management Program

Each summer for the past 35 years, Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business has partnered with Oxford University to enable select undergraduate business students to further their global awareness and international experience with summer study in the United Kingdom. 

Students take two classes via Oxford’s traditional teaching methods in lectures, seminars, and tutorials: International Finance and Strategic Management, both taught by British instructors and tutors. Students also make frequent visits to leading British firms to experience global business and intercultural exchange firsthand.

View the photo album to see what the students of summer of 2012 are doing on their trip.  Cheers!